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November 20, 2020

#QUICKRIDETIPS – How to open Persona’s boot manually

QUICK RIDE TIPS Have you ever been in a situation where you want to open your car boot but your car’s battery is dead ? Watch […]

Quick Ride Sdn Bhd

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We will take care of the maintenance and your Road tax/Insurance. All you need is to do is focus on your driving and let us take care of your worries. Those who meet the mandatory requirement and are passionate to form a source of income will be able to lease a brand new Proton Saga or Proton Persona on a daily basis.

What if we tell you, that drivers do not have to worry about car’s service maintenance anymore? That’s right! Here at Quick Ride, we certainly got you covered. Roadtax and Insurance will also be covered by Quick Ride. Our used and brand new Proton Persona and Saga are available to be rented out.

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We at Quick Ride Sdn. Bhd. Provides Driving Solution